Deep Tissue Massage

The Benefits

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

What are the benefits?

Deep tissue massage is the mobilising of the soft tissue of the body to  help  relieve muscle stiffness from exercise and stress, and to aid the body to recover. There are many benefits to massage not only physical but psychological, including:-

  • Pain Relief

  • Stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage

  • Helps to lower blood pressure

  • Reduces oedema (fluid retention)

  • Mental and Physical relaxation

  • Revitalising



Jayne Jones

Deep Tissue Masseur

andrea hunt

Jayne Jones completed the VTCT Holistic Course in 2007. The Vocational Training Charitable Trust (VCTC) is one of the leading examining boards in the Holistic Industry and the course incorporates Swedish Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Indian Head Massage. Jayne specialises in deep tissue massage and trigger point work for the treatment of tight, tense muscle which can be a cause of muscle pain and dysfunction affecting the ability to train to full potential. Her diploma in Anatomy and Physiology gives Jayne an excellent understanding of how the body works and how one system can affect other areas.




comma As a personal trainer I find it is important to take care of my body, due to work commitments and my own training programme, I am on the go every day, this can put a big amount of strain on my body as I don’t find much time to rest. Since meeting Jayne I have taken time out to have regular massages to ensure that my body is well looked after. Visiting Jayne on a regular basis enables me to release tension and rid some of my aches and pains due to an excessive amount of exercise. Before starting a massage I am able to tell Jayne of any painful/tense areas which enables her to focus on that area to ensure that I feel the benefit of the massage. Jayne always manages to find areas of which I feel are weaker/tighter and need a little bit of extra work to loosen off. Jayne is able to work at a high/low intensity depending on the client, I can be quite sensitive and sometimes prefer Jayne to work at a low intensity, but I have asked Jayne to up the pressure when I know it is necessary, this has benefited me and I have definitely seen a difference at the end of the massage. I also think it is very important that you feel relaxed and comfortable within this type of environment and you can put your trust into that person, I feel Jayne is very good at making clients feel comfortable and able to relax, I have always been able to take time out and switch off when I visit Jayne.I highly recommend Jayne to my own clients/ family and friends, and I have only ever had positive feedback from them all on her services. This to me shows a hardworking, knowledgeable, enthusiastic individual who is able to help others to feel better within their body.comma2  RJ - local personal trainer

comma   Following a strict training programme I can find my body to be under a lot of tension, I like to take care of my body as I feel it is important to stay in the best shape I can as a personal trainer. To maintain a supple physique I like to indulge in regular massages with Jayne, Jayne provides a fantastic service and is able to work at a high intensity to meet my needs of a deep tissue massage. I hold a lot of muscle and feel that massages I’ve had previously have not given me the release of tension that Jayne is able to provide. Jayne is able to work on certain areas that I feel are tense, as well as pointing out areas to me she feels may need a little more attention. Jayne is very good at what she does and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed in such a personal setting.comma2  RR – local personal trainer